On street bar Inspirational street bar with daily changing art and decorationPerfect to meet people, have a drink and chill out after a long lazy day at the beach or to start your night out !!!

We have knowledge of the fine art and everything at ON STREET BAR is decorated in my style . We have difference designs and exotic.

Many people love my art and they want to buy some souvenir in favor of Samui Thailand and handmade. We have reasonable prices and we want to share the special gift for your home decoration or a gift to friends, family, lovers, birthday and other day by “ON STREET souvenir”, It’s meaning sincere, simplicity, harmony. we will share smile and good feelings with other.


My name is Mor, I’m 36 year olds and live in Koh Samui Thailand. I moved to Bangkok 18 years ago where I was living and pursuing my education to live what I thought was a dream and to help my family. As my mother has Parkinson’s disease and my father has been blind his entire life. After my education I stayed in Bangkok and found myself very busy getting by, although I felt empty and isolated.

One day in 2011 I had a big changed in my life when Bangkok had a large flood. I choose to visit my hometown with my Mom, Dad and my wife and ended up staying four months which is when my money nearly ran out despite my wife and I trying to find whatever jobs possible.

Finally i met a man who wanted an oil colour painting of his Mom and Dad. I did not ask for money but instead supplies. Which I used to create the painting he desired as well as two additional flower painting i ended up selling to a dealer for 2000 THB (56 USD / 52 EUR) total.

When we drove our scooter back home i was thinking of how can i use this money to help support my entire family. I asked my wife “do you want to go to find new life in Samui with me?” my wife said “Yes”. We used the money to move to Samui and lived day by day doing odd jobs and by painting at walking street markets on the island.

Eventually my wife and I were able to save up enough money to open up a small walk up bar named “On Street Bar” on chaweng beach road.

We opened the bar not only as a way to support our family but as an alternative to the emptiness of our lives in the big city of Bangkok. We wanted to form new friendships in a relaxed environment that promotes creativity while maintaining what Samui was 10 years ago. It’s a small bar that’s had visitors from many different countries and our goal is to provide quality drinks at affordable prices with the intention for everyone to share a smile no matter your background.

We have now been opened for nearly four years, ranked #1 in Samui on tripadvisor.com and received awards for excellent service in 2014 and 2015. We are very appreciative of all of the opportunity Samui has provided to accomplish this while being able to take care of our family and raise our son. Although with the increased development in the area, rising rent and uncertain short term leases we are in search of a longer term solution to be able to maintain On Street Bar. To accomplish this we are working towards a goal of raising 350,000 THB (10,000 USD / 9,000 EUR). This money will be used to secure a more certain location that we will be able to maintain for On Street Bar for many more years to come while adding a restroom.

We wanted to attempt to raise the money through fundme.com or Kickstarter.com after several visitors from New York City encouraged us to not give up on keeping our bar open. They felt strongly we should fight to keep the simpler spirit of Samui alive as they described it as a safe, friendly, multi cultural oasis from the rat race that exists in much of the world. They also thought that many people would be able to identify on some level with our story.

Assuming we are able to achieve this goal we are looking to give back through continuously setting aside a portion of profits for sustainable non-profit causes such as Provide scholarships or luncheon for poor students at Samui. We feel this form of business is the most responsible form of capitalism and is our way of saying thank you to those that donate, our customers and to Samui which gave us a new life that reflects quality over quantity.

Unfortunately neither fundme.com or Kickstarter.com are not supported for Thailand yet and so we are proceeding with by collecting donations through PayPal and Credit card. We will post the current funding levels on our social media accounts on a weekly basis to keep everyone up to date.

Thank you


Funding to On Street Bar


On Street Bar

Inspirational street bar with daily changing art and decorationPerfect to meet people, have a drink and chill out after a long lazy day at the beach or to start your night out !!!